Popcorn DJ


What is a Popcorn-DJ?

A Dj chooses his records from all kind of music styles, he works on the speed of records to create that typical mid-tempo sound which is suitable for the specific dance which is named “The Popcorn Swing”.
Though mid-tempo is predominant, the speed can be faster for ambiance or slower with popcorn ballads.
The real popcorn Dj is a dedicated and driven record collector.
Similarities can be made with Northern Soul where unknown artists or labels, promotional records and radio-station copies are preferred instead of the commercial records. The rarer the better!
Musical rarity which distinguishes the Dj from competitors.
All of this results in a special club scene with its own typical public.


ANTWERPEN-BELGIUM: in the 7O’s, Antwerp had a bright night life scene. Lots of dance clubs and private clubs could be found in the center of town.
From the many DJ’s at that time, I happened to be one of them.


My parents had a huge record collection. At a very young age I showed a big interest in music.
Very soon I started to explore those records and learned to appreciate different music styles.
Later on, I found a lot of fantastic Popcorn records which are now considered classics. They were “Tabou” from Arthur Lyman, “Afinidad” from Erroll Garner, “Song For My Father” from the Horace Silver Quintet, “Fever” from Earl Grant, etc …
In 1970 the “Popcorn” opened his doors to the big public. After a few years it became very popular.
During those years the brothers Luc and Gerrit Fr. formed the typical Popcorn music style. In between 1973 and 1978, The Popcorn had its most popular period. This music was so popular that other dance clubs played it too although not all night long.
For that we had to go to the real Popcorn dance clubs, “the Popcorn” of course, but also “The Festival”, “the Golden gate”, “Versailles”, “Gatsby”, “The Fever”, “Hitshot”, “L.P”, “Jaguar”, “Viertap”, “Boum Boum”, “Bar Choc”, “The Molen” and “the Boccaccio”, etc.

Popcorn dancing The Festival


It was in this period that I started as a DJ.

Dance clubs I used to work at:
Festival: Saturday evenings – Popcorn
Piper: Sunday afternoon – Guest DJ
Chalet: Weekdays – Soul, Funk, Disco
Bonaparte: Saturday evenings – Popcorn, Funk, Disco
Kijk uit: Saturday evening – Soul, Funk, Disco – Sunday Afternoon – Popcorn

Nowadays, the Popcorn music and dance can still be found on numerous parties all over Belgium. In 2006, I started to organize my own popcorn parties.

Recent times:


DJ Ron played in:
– CENTRUM (Antwerpen)
– FORUM (Berlaar)
– ‘T ARCHIEF (Humbeek)
– TIKIS BAR (The Netherlands – Rotterdam)
– DANCING “CAFE LOCAL” (Antwerpen)
– EL PASO (Chapelle-Lez-Herlaimont)
– JB ‘S PUB (Roubaix – France)
– LA CROUSTADINE (Wattrelos – France)
– MIKE’S PLACE (Wuustwezel)
– FRIENDS (Mechelen)
– BATO BATU (Antwerpen)